Mar 032018
Have your cloud and eat it!

Traditional approach to WAN is starting to wane as organisations continue on their cloud strategy journeys. Now I don’t believe that home grown data centres (DCs) are going to disappear overnight, but what we have today is a varied mix of multi Cloud, CoLo and On Prem, and will do so for a number of […]

Oct 242015
All TalkTalk and No Encryption

There have been many incidents over the years of hacked organisations and personal details “spilled” across the internet. The very recent TalkTalk incident though I suspect will be TalkedTalked about (pardon the pun) for some time to come. Not withstanding this being their third such breach in a year according to the press, this one […]

Mar 152015
When IT goes bad!

Having worked in a number of organisations over the last 30 years in IT, I have noticed a common and still persistent set of issues. I have mainly specialised in the design, implementation and operation of IT infrastructure, the key blocks that support the critical applications that make our everyday modern lives possible. It is […]

Aug 232014
Grow your own

A recent addition to the Technology Marketeers dictionary has been “Ecosystem”. Now the traditional definition of “Ecosystem” is something along the lines of “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.” Now the likes of Apple would like you to think of an Ecosystem being a set of Apple sourced hardware and services […]

Jan 072014
The Internet of Kerchings

The tech savvy out there will have been hearing more and more a buzz phrase of “The Internet of Things” or IoT. The Oxford Dictionary defines it quite dryly as – “a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data:”. Wahooo! I hear you […]

Jun 182013
Waze of the World

I’ve been a long time fan of Google Maps as my SatNav of choice, ever since the Android app started it’s beta navigation option. If you don’t switch off your brain totally it rarely “steers” you wrong, and is great for local route finding for those difficult to find places, and for long journeys where […]

Jun 092013
Root Cause Analysis

There’s been a few articles recently that have caused me some consternation. They are all, in my humble opinion, basically linked in their root cause. (I’m big on root cause analysis, not enough of it done by my IT colleagues in an industry eager to simply rectify the immediate issue and simply lay blame, rather […]

May 192013
Wave & Pray (Updated)

UPDATED 19-05-2013 – Coincidentally my favourite tech site ran an review today on StewartStand RFID-blocking Card Case It wasn’t that long ago that we were happy to queue at the till and wait for the salesperson to fill out the credit card slip, imprint it with the card details and then get us to duly sign the […]

May 162013
Home is where the LAN is

  As soon as you mention that you work in IT one of two inevitable questions get asked. Either “Can you have a quick look at my Laptop” or “I’m having terrible problems with my network at home, what do you recommend”. The latter question is becoming more predominant with the increasing popularity of home […]

May 122013

I’m a big Audi fan and a Gadget Geek, so anything that plays to both these passions is a win. So I recently succombed and bought an iOBD2 from OBD (or On-Board Diagnostics) is a pretty near industry standard for a diagnostic connector on most modern vehicles. It allows the appropriate equipment access to […]