CPS History


The original CPS was founded in 1991 when Danny Larah entered the growing contractor market. At that juncture he provided his key skills in Technical Architecture and Project Delivery to a number of major clients in and around the North West of England.

ClientsHe was responsible for a number of  technical projects across major organisations including Kellogg Company, Woolworths, United Utilities and AstraZeneca. At each he had the accountability for ensuring the commensurate design was done and then project delivery thereof including all financial controls.

Key projects included a full redesign and migration of Woolworth’s stores data network, the creation and implementation of a ground breaking mobile engineering works systems for United Utilities (then North West Water), and the migration and consolidation of global Lotus Notes estates for both Kellogg and AstraZeneca.

Danny returned to the  permanent sector to further develop his skills.  At UCI he  had full accountability  for their infrastructure environments and ran a number of successful major initiatives, including the re-platforming of the web booking system to Germany providing the company for the first time with a robust and instantly scalable system.

Before leaving UCI in 2005 he delivered the merger of the UCI and Odeon cinema and booking networks with zero downtime .

Moving on to the Co-operative Bank saw Danny deliver  a large number of infrastructure consolidation and renewal initiatives, These included the re-platforming of the the central contact centre platforms in an £18m Avaya/Genesys investment and a 5 year WAN consolidation project as part of the Britannia merger delivering £7.5m benefit.CPS Logo Current

In 2013 Danny decided it was the right time to re-launch CPS in the form of CPS Consultants Ltd and start the provisioning of specialist consultative services, in Service Delivery, Operational Management & Change Delivery.

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